Kindness Movement

In my first year seminar, we are reading a novel called “One Million Lovely Letters.” From the moment I started this book, I was addicted. We only had two chapters assigned, but I could have finished the entire novel in one sitting. This novel tells the story of Jodi Ann Brickley, who decided to change lives by performing random acts of kindness. Jodi grows up with a mother who constantly radiates kindness to whomever crosses her path and has a great impact on the lives of Jodi others through her good heart. While reading this book I realized what an impact kindness and doing things for other can make in this cold world and how underestimated being kind truly is.

A lot of times we think that showing kindness to other people is solely for the benefit of the other person, but that is not completely true. Making a difference in the lives of others actually ends up leaving more of a mark on ourselves than anyone else. Doing something for someone else makes us feel good and gives us purpose. Nothing is better than making someone else’s day.

Making a difference does not have to be some type of elaborate ordeal. It can be as simple as helping an elderly lady get something off of the shelf at the grocery store, holding the door for someone, or even just saying “good morning” to someone as you pass them. You never know what people are going through. If I’ve learned anything in college it’s that someone can look completely happy and normal on the outside, but can have a really difficult past or really be hurting on the inside. We had a meeting on the floor of my dorm where we could get together and share testimonies and I was in disbelief when I realized what some of the people who lived right down the hall from me have been through. It was so eye opening and inspired me to think twice before I come to a conclusion about someone.

I challenge whoever is reading my article this week to go out and make a difference in someone’s life. I am being challenged to do the same thing in my first year seminar so we can all do it together. Let’s start a kindness movement. The world could use a little warmth.


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