What’s Next?

I’m just going to be honest with you, I’ve been in a rut spiritually. You know that high you get after going to a retreat or a music summit or even after seeing a great inspirational movie? That feeling when you can feel God’s presence so evidently in your life that it’s overwhelming. That truly is the most incredible feeling. But the disappointing part is, it always seems to end. The high wears off and while you were on fire for God for a few days, weeks, or maybe even months, it is gone and you begin to feel alone.

This is exactly how I’ve been feeling for a little while now. Though my faith is still strong and I know God is there, I’ve just found myself wondering where He is and asking the age old question, what’s next?

It’s funny, because especially in today’s society, we seem to ask ourselves that question quite a bit. What’s next? We find ourselves overwhelmed by tasks and wishing so desperately that they will end and we will find time to relax, but as soon as we complete the task, we are searching for the next thing. I was doing the exact same thing to God. Little did I know that He had something big in store for me, if I would only be patient.

I’ve been very seriously considering going into youth ministry. This has been on my heart for awhile now, so back in the spring, I asked if I could volunteer with my church’s vacation Bible school. What a better way to dive into youth ministry than spending a week with pre-k through fifth graders? My offer to help was accepted of course, and two weeks ago I finally realized what God had in store for me.


I grew up attending VBS and never really thought anything of it. But helping and truly being able to dive into these kids by leading them in song and Bible skits made me realize just how important something as simple as a week of VBS could be to some kids. But most importantly, it made me realize how important it is for us as Christians to be disciples for Christ.

These kids asked some incredible questions towards the end of the week; questions that made me question if these kids were actually 11 years old and under. Each innocent ear listened so intently and showed such an interest in learning more about the Lord. My heart grew every single night as I received hugs from children I had just met.

What good is it to know Christ and to know what He did for us if you never share it? How can you tell people that you love God if you aren’t enthusiastic enough to praise Him in everyday conversation? Let me tell you, after my week of VBS, I wanted to shout God’s name!

Matthew chapter 28 tells us to, “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 


So the next time you wonder where God is in Your life, be patient. Even when Jesus commanded the disciples to spread the good news, He promised to be with them. We are never alone. Keep your mind and your heart open. Your next move may be just around the corner.

PS: Congrats if you made it to the end of this! This was a doozy and kinda all over the place so I appreciate you! 



2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your journey Lauren. That’s how I felt at VBS this summer also! I was so touched by the children that I had a chance to minister to and truly watch them soak up God and listen so intently! I helped with the (faith station) and with the craft time that we had too. It was really incredible to watch these young ones so interested and eager to learn about God and the Bible! I actually cried just realizing how much fun they were having while they were still soaking up sooo much scripture and learning about things that happened in the Bible on each and all levels of their understanding. Our Faith is something that we truly MUST share and shout from the rooftops of!
    Thank you Lauren for your testimony of how the VBS you attended affected you. I hope that I get s chance to see you before you go back to college. God Bless you.💜❤️☺️


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